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About 1Tax

The team at 1TAX, led by owner Marq Bellingham, have been in the tax business for a long time so we know things have changed. Gone are the days of putting on your best suit to meet with your accountant! At 1TAX we know that you want a professional accountant on your team to handle your income tax returns and other personal and business needs, but we also know that your accountant needs to be flexible, accessible and ready to work with you when it suits you. We place a high value on personalised service and have dedicated team members handling your particular needs. 

Based in Hurstbridge, a northeastern township in the Shire of Nillumbik at the edge of Melbourne, we have built strong connections with the people and nature in this region. Having said that, we are here for you wherever you or your business is based. 

The 1TAX philosophy is simple: We are responsible, interactive, adaptable and results focused. It is our job to be on top of the latest communications and technology to ensure that you are ahead of the game at all times. We aim to maintain and develop sustainable business practices that benefit you while also being considerate and mindful of our impact on nature and the wider community. 

We know you are busy so let us get busy on what we do best so you can go back to doing what you do better.

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